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Lanes Health believes that its employees are the key to their success and are its most valuable resource.
Employees wellbeing is a key driver of effective performance at work and the continued provision of high-quality products and customer service.
Lanes Health are deeply committed to equality and inclusivity  so everyone is treated with fairness and integrity.

They value diversity and respect everyone as individuals.

Healthy Workplaces in Lanes Health:

Wellbeing for staff at Lanes Health

  • Access to 24/7 health & wellbeing advice and support through our Employee Assistance Programme ​
  • Mental Health First aiders and Mental Health Champions available throughout the business
  • Promoting current health & wellbeing initiatives and support available through our information screens and notice boards​
  • Initiatives to foster a culture of wellbeing and belonging such as free fruit, extra days off for special occasions, and social events.

In line with Lanes Health vision, mission and values the Lanes family identified that they are committed to understanding employee views in relation to engagement, motivation and wellbeing and carry out regular staff surveys and 1:1s with managers. We promote a culture where people can ask for assistance when required and are comfortable asking for support, whenever or wherever in the business that may be.

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