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Greenwoods Nursery is a small independent childcare setting with a good ofsted rating and a family style environment where health and wellbeing of both staff and children is paramount.

At Greenwoods Nursery staff wellbeing matters, to us. We feel staff should enjoy a healthy work life balance. We will support encourage and enable all staff to do this so they can achieve their best at work and manage other areas of their life effectively.

Healthy Workplaces in Greenwoods Nursey:

  • We recognise that effective practices to promote work-life balance and well-being will benefit both staff and the children within our care.
  • We highlight the joint responsibility to discuss workable solutions and encourage effective partnerships between staff and the Managers.
  • We have a culture of openness and support talking about mental health.
  • We run yearly staff wellbeing surveys and have a dedicated space for staff to take time out.
  • We actively encourage healthy lifestyles, with healthy eating, physical exercise & stress reduction.
  • Our leaders and managers are committed to leading by example.

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