Getting Started

Creating a healthy workplace culture with strong leadership and an effective communication strategy.

The first section of the Gloucestershire Healthy Workplace Award ‘Our Organisation’ looks at leadership of your organisation and the workplace culture. Think about your company approach to staff health and wellbeing and how this is communicated across your organisation.

The award also explores workplace ‘Communication’ and the’ Recruitment and Retention’ of the workforce.

Things to consider:

  • Work with your senior leadership team to evaluate your workplace culture, look at how your managers communicate – is it consistent?
  • What do you already know about staff health and wellbeing? How is staff morale in general and how do people perceive the organisation’s leadership? And what does your staff data on recruitment, retention and sickness absence tell you to start with?
  • Leading by example: How does your leadership team cultivate a culture of shared values, beliefs and behaviours across the organisation? You will need to show examples of how you communicate and the key messages that come from your senior leaders and managers.
  • Information that you provide to your workforce should clearly state why you are launching / updating your Health and Wellbeing Strategy and be clear on ways your workforce can get involved, and how it will affect everyone in the organisation.


Conducting a workplace Health Needs Assessment

An example of good practice and a good way to bring your workforce with you on this journey is to do a health needs assessment with your employees. It can be done anonymously through a simple mechanism like Survey Monkey. Some organisations will undertake health assessments as part of staff induction and use the information to put appropriate levels of support in place for individuals.

Health needs assessments and associated support should be reviewed on an ongoing basis and findings used to inform the companies health and wellbeing strategy.

Public Health England provide a free Health Needs Assessment and employer toolkit with 23 questions that companies can use and adapt to their business needs. You can access this resource here 

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