Spotlight on Prosperity Care & Wellbeing

Our impact stories continue this month with Gloucestershire based care provider Prosperity Care & Wellbeing. This accredited Healthy Workplace is a shining example of a company who have invested in a holistic approach to wellbeing with a strong commitment from the senior leaders.

“We believe that our staff are our champions, and their pride in their workplace is plain to see. Their determination has put Prosperity Care and Wellbeing services on the map as a main provider of wellbeing events for the wider community in Gloucestershire”.

Here is a taster of the impact some of their initiatives have had on their team:

  • We pledge to always pay people fairly and pay above the living wage. We pay a mileage allowance for all employees travelling over 15 miles to their workplace to help reduce financial worries. We have a regular drop in sessions for from an independent financial advisor who gives employees free advice on debt management, savings and pensions.

  • We support career development by providing high quality training to strengthen skills and have a proven track record of providing opportunities for promotion. 15% of our current staff team have received a promotion through our career progression pathway.

  • All of the senior and management team have attended the ‘Make Every Contact Count Training’ – Giving an awareness of the importance of employee wellbeing, dynamic assessment and signposting to health professionals.

  • A number of staff have swapped their car for the bike using the bike to work scheme. We are mindful that our green credentials are important to our staff and we are pleased to participate in community litter clearing events, furniture upcycling projects. We plant a tree for each new employee like to think we have a little orchard growing out there somewhere. 
  • We employ a full-time wellbeing manager who facilitates a weekly wellbeing breakfast, where our employees are able to come in to talk about matters which may be affecting their physical or mental health. We are proud to have proved how we support and recognise our team, consistently and with genuine care and compassion. Prosperity Care and Wellbeing have very high staff retention rates and buck the trend by being fully staffed, unless recruiting to enable business growth. 
  • We show that we care for the wider community. As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have invested in the provision of activities, which provide social inclusion opportunities for people that have a disability, lack in confidence or feel happier in a more supportive environment. We have partnered with a local night club to provide a late night clubbing experience which is open until the early hours.

    Our wellbeing events “crew” are on hand to chaperone, order drinks at the bar and dance on the dance floor, to make memories that they may not have experienced before. Our staff report feeling proud to make their local communities a better place and together with the people we support, have helped to raise money for a number of local charities.

The CQC inspection report states:

 “The principle of good wellbeing is at the heart of the company. The organisations’ values and passion about supporting people to personally grow and reach their goals and aspirations were clearly reflected in practice.

What the staff say...

Prosperity Care & Wellbeing show the same kindness and compassion to their staff as the people we support. They have a new and fresh approach towards staff wellbeing, which stands out from other providers. It has made me fall in love with my career again.” – Support Worker Oct 2022

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