Impact story: Managing Workloads with Penny Brielery Limited T/A X-Press Legal Services


One of the best things about the Healthy Workplace Award is the range of organisations we get to be in contact with daily. This gives us a great opportunity to hear about all the initiatives they are implementing to help team members prioritise their health and wellbeing and make the workplace experience better for all. 

Workload has been recognised as one of, if not the leading cause of workplace-related stress. Our most recent foundation-level graduate, Penny Brierley Limited T/A X-Press Legal Services, have taken up the baton and showcased some of the fantastic work they are doing in helping their team manage their workloads. 

One initiative that X-Press have implemented is asking team members to complete timesheets on how long it takes them to complete specific tasks. By doing this, they can keep a handle on workload and ensure they are appropriate, allowing staff to grow and develop without swamping and overwhelming them, adding further negative stress.  

It also allows them to identify shortfalls in capacity, where tasks are not able to be completed and additional resources may be required, where other members of the team then pivot to assist on the task as required. 

X-Press, where possible, try and work ahead of schedule, which means they can firmly embrace a supportive culture with a pillar of “if it doesn’t get done today, it can be finished tomorrow”. This removes the burden of expectation which can cause undue stress on staff, as they know that task deadlines can be prioritised or extended within a degree of flexibility. Similarly, targets are set on a team basis, rather than individual, helping spread the workload and prevent burnout to certain members of the team. 

Finally, we all have those times when our heads just aren’t in it that day, for whatever reason. X-Press have taken this on board and recognises that team members are subject to stress both in and outside of work, which can impact their ability to engage with work from time to time. In these instances, the support structures outlined above swing into play and help prevent unrealistic expectations being placed on a team member who may be dealing with something outside of the office. 

The net result?  

The team feel more engaged and valued at work. Team members reported that the supportive culture and team-effort mentality was “the best thing about the job”, making the environment “somewhere you want to go and want to work”. 

We are so thrilled to have X-Press as part of our growing network of accredited organisations and hope that this case study has given you some inspiration for how you can challenge the norm and be an innovator within the workplace. 

If you would like to register your workplace or find out more information on the Healthy Workplaces scheme, please visit or call the team on 0800 122 3788. 


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