Greenwoods Nursery

Greenwoods Nursery feel it is of the highest importance to keep their team happy and that they feel supported. They undertook the Gloucestershire Healthy Workplace Accreditation and achieved the Award, we asked them to provide an overview of the actions that had a powerful impact on staff health, wellbeing and workplace culture.

At team meetings staff offer suggestions and ideas of different ways of working. Staff asked to have a consistent staff rota of their hours each week. We listened and have now embedded this, with occasional changes of hours with their agreement and suggestion. This has helped the staff plan their week, fit in appointments they may need. However, us being flexible as well in allowing staff time off for doctors, dentists and any other appointments during the working day.

We are what we eat. 

One of the most important elements of health and wellbeing is a balanced diet. However, many people find it difficult to prioritise a healthy diet in their busy lifestyles. Greenwoods offer free & variety of healthy snacks & fruit, tea, coffee, herbal teas. Free headache tablets, hand creams, free female products to help themselves to. We regularly offer a free lunch to staff and vary the days to allow each staff to be offered this. It shows that you care about employee health and provides employees with convenient, nutritious snacks to munch on when they're having a busy day.

The nursery follows the ethos of communication friendly spaces, which is a natural theme, with lighter neutral colours and windows looking out into the surrounding woods. Natural and softer lighting, plants in the environment, drapes, fairy lights. Having plants, bird feeders on windows and our decking areas, easy access to the garden helps to have a positive effect on staff's mental well-being.  We actively encourage the staff to be outside with the children in our care, woodland walks, large garden and immediate access to the woods from our garden. This all helps to lowering anxiety and stress, improving concentration, and creativity for the staff and the children.

With 1 in 4 people experiencing a mental health problem every year in England, introducing wellbeing initiatives in the workplace has never been so important. Helping our teams to take care of their mental health is important to us. We have an open-door policy for all staff to share whatever is on their minds. If they don't feel comfortable talking to us, then we offer advicelines. Suggestions of using the Healthy lifestyles Gloucestershire Website and Best-You app. We regularly promote the staff to use the app for healthier choices, recipe suggestions and any support required in their personal lives.

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